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murders in american history for the first time this morning. >> james holmes will make his first court appearance. we have team coverage this morning beginning in aurora, colorado. >> more than 10,000 people gathered to honor the victims. >> millions of people are with us and helping to share our burden of grief at this moment. >> a sunday vigil to help heal. in all, 12 are among the dead. a 6-year-old girl. a navy saiilor. an air force reservist. two young men who died shielding their girlfriends from bullets. fathers, sons, daughters, each with lives were cut short. the president talked privately with families of the victims. >> my main task was to serve as representative of the entire country and let them know that we're thinking about them at this moment and we will continue to think about them each and every day. >> the suspect, james holmes, today will be advised of his rights. the judge will set a date for the formal filing of charges. this is the start of a legal process that will take months. >> we will convict him, yes. >> at issue is whether the death penalty will be chosen.
:39. some say the reason behind the time crews-katie holmes -- tom cruise-katie holmes split. >> we are still taking your answers to our water cooler question of the day. es >> some celebrity couples. dwin is married again. the guests included his daughter and his brother stephen and his co-star, tina few. they began dating last year. >> the news has not been as happy for tom cruise. katie holmes filed for divorce. wanted to raise her daughter away from the influence of scientology. tom cruise has yet to comment on the divorce. >> 6:42. 70 degrees on tv hill. >> we will check the major roadways. it is a busy morning. >> we did have some thunderstorms last night. will check the forecast [ mom ] to me, chex is not just a little bowl of cereal, it's kind of a big deal. to find nutritious and gluten-free cereals my whole family actually loves? well, the word "wow" comes to mind. and then a friend told me chex has five flavors that are gluten-free. even a cinnamon one the kids love. a nutritious cereal that makes everybody happy? like i said, wow. [ male announcer ] chex cereal. five fla
in the wake of one of the worst mass murders in u.s. history. >> james holmes is accused. we have details on his initial court appearance. >> good morning. the theater where the mass murder took place remains closed. the investigation continues. it could be months before the yesterday the public had a chance to look of the alleged killer face to face. the makeshift memorial keeps growing across from the theater a day after a brief hearing to read 24-year-old james holmes his rights. the accused mass murderer seemed dazed as family members of some of the victims sat nearby. >> he does look fairly demonic or something like that. his eyes are kind of crazy- looking. you know? there's something wrong with that man. >> holmes recently dropped out of grad school. police say he spent thousands of dollars on weapons and ammunitions and dressed up like a batman character and opened fire on this theater. 10 were dead in the theater and two died later. among them were jessica. her friends called jessica's family from the theater. >> we were awakened by the most horrific scream i have ever heard in m
. holmes cruise and kate homtie are able to reach a quick divorce settlement. an easy to fix problem using hidden cameras. wait until you see the results. the new diet plant their promise to help you lose weight by doing things like taking a cold bath. we will meet the man behind this. >> 69 degrees on tv hill. coming up, we'll look at your answers to our water cooler question of the day. >> coming up, we'll take a last look at weather and traffic together before you head out to start your day. >> time to get to your answers to our water cooler question of the day. >> this morning we asked -- would you be willing to pay to get off your flight before anyone else, and if so, how much would you pay? >> george has a good point. >>me, too, bonnie. i agree. much better morning this morning. >> the major roads are ok. a problem on southbound route 10. there's a vehicle into a ditch. police and ambulance, a pretty busy scene. you may find some delays in the city because of a closure because of fire activity. linwood avenue is closed near fayette and orleans street. delays on the west side past 795
. also ahead, are tom cruise and katie holmes on the verge of reaching a settlement? we will have details on their split. how is the star debater super bowl at doing just three weeks after open heart surgery? he will tell us live in this studio. we get set to welcome her to her new role as co-anchored. we get started on a monday morning right here on "today." >> coming up, we will hear some of your answers to our water cooler question of the day. ♪ oh yeah, this is what a weekend getaway should feel like. and does. if you're here that is. feel the fun. feel the hamptonality. clacks time for some of your answers to our water cooler question. >> this morning we asked if an app that helped you listen to players on the field could be enough to get you to buy a ticket to an nfl game. >> so what took the nfl so long to offer this app? i will be staying home. >> i love my ravens, but because of the cold, i will never attend a game after november. if there is an app to deal with that, count me in. i agree. it is more comfortable in your living room, right? >> good idea. >> exactly. >> it is a m
. investigators are analyzing what they found and talking to those who knew james holmes. the plants look at records at the medical college where he was a student. emotions are raw. >> it is a feeling of sadness and such loss for all the families. it is horrible. >> she said she felt drawn here. >> i'm overwhelmed by the tragedy. >> christian bale came to town to visit survivors and first responders. >> everybody was impressed with his sincerity. he was so sincere why he was here. >> there are stories of hope. >> making small improvements every day. >> his wife gave birth to healthy baby boy on tuesday. with uplifting stories, investigators hope to determine how wait lone gunman could have caused some much damage. the shooting victims fund is now at $2 million and growing. a sizable donation from warner brothers, the student that produce the batman film. >> that shooting is forcing many to revisit gun control laws. a judge has given state officials two weeks to comply with the ruling removing the requirement that a public and show a good and substantial reason for wanting a permit to carr
Search Results 0 to 5 of about 6